Cherokee Heritage

Origin of the word "Cherokee": Most of their neighbors called the Cherokees "Uplanders" or "Mountaineers", and the Cherokees referred to themselves as "the Real People" or "the Principal People", which in their language is Ani-yun'wiya' . But the Choctaw called them "Cave Dwellers" (choluk or chiluk).  This was rendered phonetically by the Portuguese as "Chalaque", by the French as "Cheraqui" and by the English as "Cherokee". As used among themselves, the form is "Tsalagi".  --

Resources for the following material include: 

Cherokee By Blood: Website by David Vann, Great great grandson of 'Chief' Rich Joe Vann of the old Cherokee Nation 

The Heritage of Floyd County, Georgia 1833-1999, Book by the Floyd County Heritage Book Committee
The Descendants of "Beloved Woman"/"War Woman Cornblossom - Website by Mary New Held

  • 1750 - Scotsman John Vann entered the Cherokee nation and married the Wai-Li (Eizabeth), daughter of Chief Moytoy at Tellico, TN, which was the beginning of the Vann Clan in the Cherokee nation.
Their Children:


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