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1860 Census


The year before the War Between the States began, the population of Cave Spring included the following:
(partial listing)

Founding Families
  • Armstead Richardson, now 72 yrs old with his wife, Rebecca 60
  • Jerry B. Reeves 51 yrs - wife Hannah E. 39 yrs
  • E. J. Simmons 28 yrs -  Overseer - wife Frances 23 yrs
  • Oliver P. Fannin 35 yrs- wife A. C. 27 yrs
  • Portman Lumpkin - 66 yrs 
  • Jackson Trout - 55 yrs -wife Nancy 56 yrs
  • Fielding Hight - 61 yrs - wife Laura 28 yrs
  • Wiley Hight - 75  - wife Olivia 
  • James Lake - 68 yrs - wife Carolina 65 yrs
  • James Ellis - 66 yrs - wife Ollie 66 yrs
  • Robert A. Tilly 26? - wife Lorie 27      [Via Rosa Selena Tilly]:  He was born on Oct. 12, 1819 in Anderson County South Carolina and died Aug 9, 1898 in Cave Spring. He had two wives. 1st was Elizabeth M. Couey and she died May 15, 1857. The 2nd wife was Joice Elizabeth Burns and she died on Sep. 14, 1868. They are buried in Round Hill. He was my G, G, grandfather.]
  • John A. Carroll  - 60 yrs - wife Sarah 30yrs
  • Robert W. Hoge - 62 yrs - wife Sarah 56 yrs
  • Pleasant B. Lyle 59 yrs - wife Sarah 60 yrs
  • Willington Short 38 yrs - wife Carolina 32 yrs

Crafts and Tradesmen
  • M H Shoemaker - 22 yrs -  Silversmith
  • Seul W. Dean - 32 yrs -   Merchant - wife Sarah Ann - 26 yrs
  • Augustus Rich - 47 yrs - Cabinet Maker - wife Christina - 33 yrs
  • Mr. Barnes - 28 yrs - Carpenter -  wife Martha
  • Pegram Moore - 50 yrs -  Shoemaker 
  • Lesser Maybury - 70 yrs -  Cabinet Maker
  • Alexander More - 60 yrs -  Manufacturer of Ai??
  • Maradith(?) Hutchins - 56 yrs -  Cabinet workman
  • John Macaster(?) - 36, Plasterer -  wife Elizabeth 28 yrs
  • James C. Bojser(?) - 35 yrs, Blacksmith- wife Rebecca 20 yrs
  • John  W Abrams - 30 yrs, Blacksmith - wife Mary 31 yrs
  • William A. Lines 65 yrs, Carpenter - wife Jane 62
  • A Mr. Newton -   62 yrs,  Clergyman 
  • Virgil Dean - 29 yrs, Preacher
Professional Services
  • Peter McDonald - 36 yrs, Lawyer -  wife Sarah 28 yrs
  • Wadet Culberson - 28 yrs, Doctor - Wife Georgia 22 yrs
  • Elia Jackson - 39 yrs Teacher 
  • Wilson Blackwilder 61, Teacher - wife Sarah 35 
Post Master
  • L. W. Dean  -  11/13/1860
  • Sanford C. Trout -  12/20/1865
  • Simeon Hamil - 3/2/1866
  • John M. Carroll - 4/13/1869

1870 Census


  • Warren Trout, Farm Laborer 63 yrs old, Black, wife Aga 40
  • Alexander Trout,  Farm Laborer 63 yrs old, Black, wife Carline
Crafts and Tradesmen
  • John King, Blacksmith 35 yrs old, Black, Born in SC - Wife Fannie


Professional Services

Post Master

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The Richardson Family

Daniel Richardson came from England, settled in Virginia and served as a lieutenant in the Revolutionary war three years under Washington, and received a large tract of land from the United States government for services in the war. He married Fanny Long, who had seven brothers in the revolutionary war, most of whom were officers of distinction.

Armstead Richardson was born near Racoon ford on the Rapidan river, Culpepper county, Virginia in the year 1788. He moved to Georgia and settled on a farm at Eatonton in the early 1800's, where he was married to Elizabeth Griggs. There children were:

  • Ann Richardson
  • Elizabeth Richardson
  • Everard H. Richardson
  • Peterson Thwreat Richardson
  • Frances Long Richardson

 He served as a Major in the Indian War of 1813 under Generals Floyd and Andrew Jackson. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Harper Family

The Harper Name:

The Harper name is English and Irish. It is an occupational name for a player on the harp, from an ancient derivative of Middle English, Middle Dutch  'harp'. The harper was an important figures of a medieval baronial hall, especially in Scotland and northern England, and the office of harper was sometimes heeditary. The Scottish surname is probably an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Chruiteir 'son of harper' (from the Gaelic cruit 'harp', 'stringed instrument'). The surname has long been present in Ireland.

According to "A Family History" by Ann Willingham Willis (1946), the Harper family can be traced to several counties in England, but it is the line of Sir William Harper, eldest son Sir Thomas Harper, that produced the Harper's of Cave Spring, GA.

Early History

Ms. Willis' research indicates that Captian John Harper and his first wife, Sara Wells, were the parents of Alexander Thornton Harper, who was born in Fairfax County , VA, 1747, and married in 1775, Cumberland County, VA, to Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Harrison Jones who fought in the Revolutionary War.  Alexander T. Harper married Elizabeth Jones and came to Jasper County Georgia long with two Jones brothers and their wives. They stopped in North Carolina on their way for several months where their first child, Alexander T. Harper II was born on December 8, 1776. The rest of their children were born in Jasper County.

When Alexander II was grown, his parents took the rest of their children to live in Mississippi while he returned to Virginia and married Tabith Hendrick Smith in 1765 and moved with her to Halifax County, Virginia. They had three children:

1. Martha Harper born Feb 25, 1799 in Jackson County; died March 22, 1877, Rome.
Martha married first John Baldwin of Hall County, who died in 1831, and second Alfred Shorter of Wilkes County, who died in 1882 in Rome, GA. They moved to Rome in 1847 and built Thornwood, which is now Darlington lower school on Shorter Avenue. It was at Thornwood where Martha Harper Shorter passed away.  They had no children of their own but adopted two of her brother's children after he passed away (Martha and Charles Harper).

2. Elizabeth Harper, born May 20 1900, Jackson County; died November 14, 1868, Rome. She married in Monticello, Georgia to Hollis Eli Cooley (1794-1857), son of Eli Cooley and  Chloe Allen of Deerfield, Massachusets. Their children were:
Ethyl Hillyar, married Hamilton Harris first and had Maud Harris who married Benjamin C. Yancey II and had E. Hamilton Yancey. She married Bester Brown Second.

Mabel Hillyer (1859-1909) married Warren Palmer Wilcox and had Eleanor who married Calder B. Willingham.

The Cave Spring Connection

3. Alexander Harper III was born March 10, 1802 in Jacson County, Georgia and died August 29, 1840 in Cave Spring. He married Frances Long Richardson, daughter of Armstead Richardson and Elizabeth Griggs.  Their children were:    

  • Elizabeth Tabitha Harper married Moses Rochester Wright, son of William Wright and Mary McCall. She attended the Sprink School near Kingston Georgia where she roomed with Martha Smith, who would become the wife of Dr. Robert Battey.
  • Alexander T. Harper IV was born March 25, 1832 in Cave Spring and died January 22, 1905. He was the first white child born in Floyd County. When he was only three days old, the Indians came asking if they might be allowed to see the white papoose. At first the young mother was afraid, but Mr. Harper, confident of the Indian's good intentions, placed his young son in the Red Man's arms. Each Indian took turns holding the baby marveling at how pale he was.   During his youth, Alexander accompanied Thomas Berry of Rome to participate in the California Gold Rush. When Streights Raiders came through Rome, his family was staying at Thornwood while Col. and Mrs. Shorter refugeed in South Georgia, but were moved out so the house could be occupied by General Streight and his staff. 
  • Elizabeth (Bessie) Harper, married Mark McDonald: Among their many philanthropic gifts was the handsome pipe organ in the First Baptist Church; Rome; they had no children of their own, but their two nieces, Bessie and Frances Brow, lived with them after the death of their mother.
  • Armstead Harper, married Susie Kincaid;
  • Charles Mallary Harper was born March 28, 1839; died November 2, 1909, Rome: Married Georgia Moodie McDonald (1846-1905)
          His daughter, Joy, wrote of her father: "Charles M. Harper was born in Vann's Valley where his father had built the first painted white house in that section. His father died when he was only six months old and he was adopted by his aunt Martha Shorter. He served gallantly for four years as a Confederate soldier and was wounded at the Battle of Bull Run. In 1877, he served on Governor John B. Gordon's staff. 

    • Houston Richardson Harper, born Feb. 3, 1867, married Mertyl Renner of Hagerston, Maryland: issue: Julie Harper
    • Donald Harper, born September 19, 1869, married Jeanne Bernard, daughter of Alfred Bernard and Berthe de la Saussaye, daughter of Count and Countess de la Saussaye, of Paris. After graduating from the University of Georgia he went to Paris and became a prominent International Lawyer.

(more to follow)